Craters of the Moon Craters of the Moon

Levels of Membership

Spatter Cone - $25.00 annual Individual membership - receive membership card and a re-useable CRMO tote bag.

Broken Top - $50.00 annual for Couples membership - receive 2 membership cards and 2 re-usable CRMO tote bags.

Inferno Cone - $100.00 annual Family membership -receive up to 4 membership cards, 1 re-usable CRMO tote bag, and 1 Park Guide.

North Crater - $200.00 annual Business membership - receive 2
membership cards, 2 re-usable CRMO tote bags, Park Guide, and Craters of the Moon DVD.

Big Cinder - $500.00 individual 5 Year membership - receive membership card, a re-usable CRMO tote bag, Park Guide, Craters of the Moon DVD and a Geology of the Craters book.

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