Craters of the Moon Natural History Association

Mission Statement: Craters of the Moon Natural History Association provides financial and physical support to the National Park Service to educate and inspire the public to preserve and explore Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve.

Job Title: Executive Director

The Executive Director is the senior management position within the Craters of the Moon Natural History Association (NHA) and is responsible for development, implementation, and management of NHA programs and policies. The Executive Director has the authority to execute the by-laws, policies, and directives of the Board of Directors.

The major responsibility of this position is to perform a variety of executive and administrative duties related to planning, organizing, directing, coordinating and implementing the goals, objectives and daily operations of NHA. A primary responsibility is to perform public relations duties associated with various aspects of NHA operations. This position is located in the visitor center at Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve (CRMO).

FLSA Status: Exempt

Reports to: Board of Directors.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree highly desired, but not required.

Experience: 3 or more-years experiences (beyond education) with a demonstrated background in most, if not all the following capacities: business and financial management, strategic planning, implementation, and execution, grant writing and fund raising, marketing, non-profit leadership, and staff development and leadership

Supervision Exercised:

The Executive Director provides direct supervision to NHA staff employees. Also, provides guidance to CRMO personnel and volunteers engaged in daily operation of the sales area.


  • Promote the NHA mission through new funding opportunities, proactive development of educational programs and outreach, and active participation in local, regional and national programs or events to raise NHA awareness
  • Supervises Association employees; makes hiring decisions; delegates assignments; monitors and evaluates performance; initiates and/or approves corrective or disciplinary actions such as reprimand, suspension and/or termination. Rewrites position descriptions as needed to achieve the Association’s mission and vision, ensuring that performance standards are developed for each employee, ensuring that evaluations of each employee are done during and at the end of each term of employment and provides appropriate employee incentives and awards.
  • Performs various public relations functions affecting relationships with local governments, other federal agencies, publishers, printers, community residents, and the public.
  • Attends weekly squad meetings as the equivalent of a division chief, and reports status of NHA activities.
  • Sits as a member of the CRMO safety committee.
  • Sits as member of the CRMO leadership team, attending leadership team/squad meetings, budget meetings, park planning meetings, and any other team meetings.
  • Ensures, along with Board of Directors, that the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws are current and adequate to meet the needs and goals of the NHA; drafts and presents suggested or required changes to the Board; develops and recommends management and operations policies and procedures; implements same upon Board approval.
  • Assures proper business management of the NHA related to accounts, vendors, fiscal records, inventory control, personnel, payroll, idle fund investment, cash flow, and all other aspects of the NHA’s operations and management.
  • Manages an annual budget of $350,000.00+. Supervises 1-2 career-seasonal and 3-6 seasonal and/or part-time employees.
  • Plans and manages NHA programs and services per NPS agreements and guidelines; promotes park tourism by developing and implementing marketing strategies; formulates short and long range programs for planned growth; coordinates program changes with CRMO.
  • Works with the independent accountant to coordinate the collection of financial data; compiles and updates information necessary to complete the quarterly/annual financial reports, federal and state tax reports; assures compliance with state and federal agencies to maintain non-profit, tax-exempt status.
  • Evaluates sales facilities for adequacy and efficiency and works with the NPS to make modifications and changes as required; procures sales display equipment and aids.
  • Directs and manages NHA publication program; acts as coordinator with contract publishers; makes contractual agreement for publication of NHA sponsored or developed sales publications, or publications designed for free distribution; edits and prepares new publications and revisions for printing; assures all materials are in harmony with NPS policy and mission, park interpretive themes, purpose and goals.
  • Prepares and submits the annual budget and operations plans for Board approval; monitors and controls fiscal programs; advises board of legal and financial status of various business activities.
  • Performs various public relations functions affecting relationships with local governments, federal agencies, community residents, Lost Rivers Chamber, partner associations, the public, and cooperates in problem solving processes with concerned entities as needed.
  • Administers programs for aid to CRMO through approved donation requests for cash, services, materials, equipment and direct payment for services.
  • In cooperation with Board Chair, prepares and distributes the agenda and minutes for the board meetings; serves as a non-voting member of the board; acts as records custodian; provides security of basic corporate documents; establishes and supervises administration of business office files and records disposal.
  • Prepares purchase orders for procurement of stock; monitors and maintains inventory; analyzes sales activities to identify inventory needs; makes inventory deletions and acquisitions as needed; implements merchandising operations; accounts for accuracy of sales and inventory reports; prices merchandise; designs, organizes, and maintains neat, well-stocked sales display area.
  • Presents books and products for review by CRMO Cooperating Association Coordinator, and CRMO Superintendent; coordinates and communicates with all sales personnel regarding inventory and business operations.
  • Manages accounts payable procedures; receives invoices for purchase orders; verifies receipt of merchandise and accuracy of billings; follows up on shipping/billing discrepancies; prepares checks for payment. Performs A/P and A/R reports for fiscal year end close out.
  • Manages employee payroll. Prepares paychecks and presents them to the board secretary/treasurer for signature. Distributes payroll. Maintains personnel records for NHA employees. Prepares and submits all applicable monthly, quarterly, and annual federal and state income and sales tax reports.
  • Receives and reviews incoming mail; responds to publication and information inquiries; prepares mail orders for mailing; conducts all written and verbal correspondence.
  • Acts as fiscal agent for CRMO in the administration of funds received from other federal agencies in the form of grants. Prepares financial statements and cost accounting of grants.
  • Responsible for maintaining accurate association membership records.
  • Represents the concerns of NHA in the Public Lands Alliance.
  • Assists in the day-to-day operations of the NHA as needed. Performs sales area functions such as greeting and orienting visitors, responds to various questions related to the park, facilities, geology, local geography, habitat, and wildlife; sells various publications and materials. Assists the NPS in the opening and closing of the visitor center when needed.
  • Provides communication assistance with phones, radios, and computers when needed.
  • Provides minor maintenance assistance when needed such as cleaning of bathrooms, vacuuming, etc.
  • Provides assistance during emergencies.
  • Perform other duties as required.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  1. A bachelor’s degree in business, non-profit management, marketing, or accounting is recommended but not required, if experience is equivalent.
  2. Ability to work with others, respect multiple viewpoints, and communicate and stand up for the mission of NHA and National Park Service.
  3. Knowledge and understanding of non-profit management principles, practices, methods, and techniques.
  4. Knowledge of management of a retail book store and wholesale book trade, and publishing.
  5. Fully functional in use of QuickBooks Point of Sale and Accounting programs.
  6. Fully functional in use of Microsoft Office Programs.
  7. Working knowledge of Google Docs and Microsoft Teams.
  8. Working knowledge of multi-line phone system.
  9. Knowledge of principles of marketing and sales displays.
  10. Knowledge of non-profit organizations.
  11. Knowledge of NPS policies affecting the operation of cooperating associations and concessions.
  12. Knowledge of federal, state, and local not for profit business regulations and tax policies which affect the operation of the association.
  13. Ability to carry out a diversity of programs requiring independent actions in developing and accomplishing tasks.
  14. Ability to supervise
  15. Ability to write grants and administer effectively.
  16. Ability to coordinate with field units and other staff.
  17. Ability to communicate effectively in English both orally and in writing.
  18. Ability to establish and maintain effective business relationships.
  19. Ability to plan, organize and coordinate work in situations where numerous diverse demands are involved.
  20. Ability to adjust to changes in policy and procedure.
  21. Must be bondable.
  22. Ability to operate various types of computer equipment and programs effective in enhancing organizational management.
  23. Ability to manage website and online store.
  24. Must possess a valid Idaho Drivers License; must be able to assist in lifting boxes weighing up to 50 pounds.
  25. Ability to pass background check, and random drug test.
  26. Must have ability to pass IT security tests as required by government.
  27. Ability to become certified in first aid and CPR. (NPS provides training)
October 5, 2021