Brigette was hired over the holidays to take over the the Association when I leave Craters in mid-March and move on to the next adventure. I am very pleased to be passing the torch onto Brigette. She will bring new imagination, innovation, and excitement to the Association and I have enjoyed the fact that we have had a few months of transition training time, and introducing her to the family of the Public Lands Alliance (PLA) at their annual Convention & Trade Show in Palm Springs. I believe in our Association mission and the NPS mission and I feel Brigette will carry on these beliefs and push the Association to the next level.

Brigette is a recent graduate of Idaho State University with a Bachelors of Business Administration. She has worked as a seasonal Sales Associate for the NHA at Craters of the Moon over the last 4 months. She searched for career positions elsewhere and soon realized the jobs to which she was applying were not the right fit. Brigette told me, “I’ve always wanted a job that meant something to me and to the well being of society. I’m driven by cause and passion, not by money. I knew this job was something I could feel good about representing and its mission aligned with my beliefs. I’m very fortunate and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!”

Brigette is excited to continue her journey at Craters, but says she is very sad to see Rhonda go! “I feel very lucky to have Rhonda as a predecessor and a friend. She is compassionate and keeps energy high with her personality and her love of coffee! If someone has a question, she is the person to ask. She has always believed in me and has been very patient with me through my time here, especially with my training. She will be greatly missed!”

Please welcome Brigette to this wonderful family!


March 4, 2018